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Fucking The Maid With Authority - Hindi Sex Story

Posted by daniala parker on 2:10 PM
Hello ISS readers. I've been following a lot of the ISS for about a couple' weeks now. Noticing how wild the stories are, I decided that instead of hiding my stories from everyone, I'd share so it gives every guy a wood and makes every girl dripping wet. So without wasting any time, I shall go straight into the details
I'm 20 as of today, 6'1″ tall with an athletic build and a 7″ pole which can drill anyone like a king. I live in Bhopal and I'm doing my engineering. I live here alone in a 2 BHK flat in a very posch locality of the city. Coming from a metro city and having rammed half a dozen cunts when in school, I knew more than any guy in my college about sex.
I have a maid at my place who comes here to clean the house, wash my clothes and do dishes. Her name is Rani and she's 32, she's 5'5″, with a wheatish complexion, fairly long hair and an oval shaped pretty face. Her vital stats were 34-30-38. She came to my place at around 4 in the evening and left at 7-ish. Especially on days when I asked her clean the cob-webs and the furniture, she'd have to stop by till 9.
When I saw her the first time, I said to myself, given a chance, I'll eat her up!! She used wear a sari and her blouse would be a lil' wet all the time as she sweat a lot. Whenever she rung the bell, I'd open the door a chink, give her a lustful smile and ask her to come in. When she opened the door I'd purposely stand in her way so she had to push me away to get in. And every time she did that, I could see her smile. While she'd be sweeping and brooming the floor, I'd get to see her boobs from the side. I loved the shape of them and admired their depth. This went on for a couple of months.
One fine day after she'd finished all the household chores, she came to me and said,
"Sir, Aap se ek bat puchni thi."
"Haan bolo!!"
"Sir mere bete ki school fees bharni h agle hafte, toh aap agar 500 rupaye de den toh help ho jaegi?"
"Kyu?! Abhi toh mahina start hi hua hai, aur maine aap ko parso hi paghat di thi!"
"Sir woh paise rashan me kharch ho gye," The way her face hung down was making it evident that something was wrong
I asked her to sit down. Then I spoke to her warmly.
"Aapka chehre pe saaf dikh rha hai ki kuch to problem hai. Aap mujhe to bata hi sakti hain na?!"
"Jee, wo mere pati sharabi hain, roz sharab peete h aur kaam par bhi nhi jate, Apni koi bhi zimmedari nhi nibhate. Unke paise maangne pe agar na du toh mujhe marte h, aur kal unhone mere bache ki fees k paise cheen liye."
She said this and was in tears, I told her not to worry, I put my hand on her shoulders and asked her to calm down. I then took her with me to my bedroom and asked her to wait till I take the money out of my wallet. I took the money and went close to her and told her,
"Aap chinta mat karo, mai hu na!! Aapko jo help chaiye bejhijhak mujhe bol dena!!"
She said thanks and then I hugged her, she was trying to resist but then I didn't let her move, I then whispered in her ears.
"Aapki aankhon me saaf dikhta hai ki aapko ek mamuli aurat ki koi bhi khushi naseeb nai hui hai saalo se. Kyu nakhre dikha rai ho?!"
"Saab, jane do. Ye galat hai!!"
I then told her, "Pyar me kuch galat nai hota, Rani. Pyar karta hu mai tumse" I said this and start kissing her lips. At first she resisted and then obliged!! She tasted so good. I then started licking those luscious lips of hers and then in a few minutes I was exploring every nuke and corner of her mouth and she was responding very well by doing the same. I then applied a little pressure on her neck so her tongue would stick out a little more and started to suck it. It was one of the deepest kisses I've ever had. And I could bet she was enjoying it.
And then I took off her hair clip and let her hair lose, it was a pleasing sight. I kissed her all over her face and then her bit her ear-lobes and licked her neck, bit it and got back to kissing her lips. Slowly I took her to the bed without breaking the kiss and dropped her on it. I took her pallu off with my teeth and the pinned her hands down with mine and was staring at her stiff tits. She was blushing and whispered, "Sir, hame ruk jana chaiye." Then I told her, "Rani, Aaj mujhe mat roko, Mai tumhe ye dikhana chahta hu ki tumse mai kitna pyar karta hu." Then she said, "Sir, theek hai, aaj mai aapki hu, aap ka jo jee chahe, wo kijiye." The moment she said this, I kissed her again and sucked her lower lip and started caressing her melons.
Dear lord, the softness and the shape of those melons drove me so crazy that I wanted to eat 'em up. I then slid down slowly and started squeezing her tits, as hard as I could as she let out a huge moan. I started licking her cleavage slowly and then hard. She could feel my wood on her thighs while I was trying to undo her blouse that looked like it was so old. I was finding it difficult to take the hook off as I was craving to see what lay beneath. She told me, "Saab, aram se, mai karti hu!! And she undid her blouse, inside of which, lay a black colored bra, which was so flimsy that I tore it off her chest.
She made a futile attempt to cover her breasts but then I grabbed her hands and pinned them down again and was gazing at those perfectly shaped melons which were turning me on so much that even my cock was revolting and longing to come out of my shorts. Her face turned pink and then when my eyes came down a little, I saw her armpits which were shaved cleanly. I whispered in her ears, "Kaisa lag rha hai?!" She whispered back, "Boht maza aa rha hai saab. Yun samajh lo ki aaj se mai aapki rakhail hu. Ye jism, ye chuchiyan, ye chut, ye gand, sab aapki hai. Aap iske sath jo karna chahe, kijiye."
As soon as she said this, kissed her lips and then started working on her armpits. The way she was moaning drove me crazy. I got up and asked her. "Maine tumhe itna mazza diya, badle me mujhe kya dogi?" She said "Jo aap kaho." I then took off my shorts and held the 7″ pole and told her. "Aaj tum inhe chakhne wali ho." I said this and sat on her boobs, grabbed her hair, pulled her head up and put my dick in her mouth. I started fucking her mouth as hard as I could. This is one of the best blowjobs I've ever had.She gagged on my cock for 15 minutes and I came in her mouth. She drank up all of it and kept sucking on it.
After this I took of her petticoat and her panty in a flash and we were in the 69 position. She was entertaining my little man and I was licking her cunt and her ass the best way I could. I then stuck my middle and finger in her cunt and started drilling it, she was moaning, "Aaaah uffff ohhhh Aaaahh, saaabbb, aaah." I even put fingers in her tight ass and rammed it too. She was moaning even louder Then she said, "Saab, ab bas aur mat tarsao, mujhe puri tarah se apna lo. Mujhse raha nahi ja raha please." She said this as I continued to drill her. Suddenly she gave a loud scream. She just had an orgasm and her legs were shivering.
Now I couldn't hold back, I turned her over, got on top of her, put a pillow under her ass and then shoved my dick in her cunt in the missionary position. I wasn't ready to wait for her cunt to loosen up and then put my dick in slowly, I put my dick in fully with one thrust and she was screaming in pain. I then covered her mouth with my hand and continued to bang her. She was writhing in pain initially but later she started enjoying it. I was banging her harder and harder with every stroke and chewing her nipples. She was moaning sexily. I think we fucked in this position for about 20 minutes before she arched her back and came on my cock. I was sure it was a squirting orgasm because she was trembling so hard!! Then I said to her, "Tum hi ne kaha na, ki tum meri rakhail ho?! Aaj mai tumhe ek rakhail ki tarah chodunga!"
I turned her over and fucked her in the ass in doggy-style. The moaning and screaming were even louder this time. I grabbed her hair from behind with one hand, grabbed her tit with the other and rammed her ass as hard as I could. In between I spanked her ass cheeks really hard and watched them turn pink and then red!! After half an hour, I came in her ass. After this we laid side by side and I said to her that I wanted to be with her and take her hubby's place. She said that I already was her man and that she wanted me to drill her like this frequently.
During my semester holidays I went back home and when I came back, I fucked her many times after that. If you like my story, then girls and mature women in their 30s who're looking for a quick fuck can send me an e-mail at And those who're seeking to have a discrete relationship can contact me on the same id.

The Social Service - Hindi Sex Story

Posted by daniala parker on 2:09 PM
It was a usual night in the Gurapur village, as the flame from the night lamp was subtly flickering in one corner of the room. It has was hot and humid. There was no electricity in the entire village. Tamanna was sitting on the floor near the oven, fanning herself with an old newspaper. Her body was glistening with sweat. She was waiting for her husband, who would soon return after a strenuous day at the farm.
Life was no less than a tyranny for the 24-year-old Tamanna. Her husband Kanhaiya was a 28 years old drunkard who was otherwise a hardworking farmer. They were married to each other exactly one year back and they had already lost the romance between them, thanks to the cruel village life. Every morning Kanhaiya would get up as soon as the sun would rise and go to his farm which was a mile's walk away. He would then return only at night after having a routine drinking session with his friends. Tamanna would handle the household every day without a spur of complaint.
Tamanna was a dark-skinned, busty woman with full grown womanhood. A lot of women envied her features. She had curvy round hips which were enough to seduce even the men of high morals. Her huge rounded breasts with dark erect nipples always appeared to be teasing through the thin blouse that she wore most of the time. All in all, her slutty figure was enough to get a manhood hard. But all this did not seem to have any noticeable effect on her own husband. Her husband somehow always found alcohol more luring than Tamanna. And it was very reasonable that even after a year of marriage they both have not yet been intimate.
Tamanna was suddenly shaken up from her thoughts as Kanhaiya came rocking through the wooden gate and fell down on the bed. He was drunk as usual and was out of his senses. He murmured something in his inebriated state and passed out. He would now only open his eyes the next morning.
She got up, put a latch on the door and went to the bed. She removed her blouse, kept it on the stool and readied herself to sleep. It was normal to sleep without undergarments in such hot weather without any fan working overhead. She was again lost in her thoughts as she silently laid beside her drunk husband. It was almost months since they last had sex. And even then it was her husband who orgasmed. All of their sex sessions had been like this. Her husband used to dominate her and after stroking her wildly for a couple of minutes he would ejaculate and would sleep off. Tamanna would then have to finger herself to an orgasm to satisfy herself.
The wives were never allowed to express their sexuality. And the husband would only make love to them when he felt horny. But what about the nights when the wives were horny? But instead of complaining, she had now started to accept this. Almost every woman in the village had the same story to tell. But tonight was one such night. Tamanna was horny since this evening. She waited for her husband to come all day but he came home drunk.
A knock on the door suddenly shook her from her thoughts again as she got up hurriedly. She covered her upper body with the saree she was wearing and walked towards the door and opened it.
A boy was standing with a bag on the back. "Maaf kijiyega! Itni raat ko disturb kiya, par actually mai yaha ghumne aya tha, aur ab raat kaafi ho gayi hai aur shahar bhi kaafi dur hai. Kya mai yaha ruk sakta hu? Kal subah hote hi mai nikal jaunga." he spoke innocently.
"Thik hai sahab! Niche bedsheet bicha k so jao. Koi dikkat nahi hai." Tamanna spoke smilingly as she let the stranger in.
"Thank you! Mera naam Aditya……." his was speechless as Tamanna returned with the lamp. The subtle light from the flames of the lamp revealed her huge breast. Although it was covered with the saree, her nipples stared out even in the dark. Aditya's eyes got transfixed to the nipples. Tamanna looked at the stranger's eyes and then followed towards her breasts. She smiled and continued, " and aa jao!" and blushed noticeably. Aditya felt embarrassed as Tamanna smiled. As Tamanna turned around to guide him inside, Aditya stared at her busty hips. He had always fantasised such slutty women. he didn't know Indian villages had such wild treasures.
He kept down his bag and spread out his bedsheet on the floor. "T-shirt utar lo, garmi bohot hai!" Tamanna spoke. Aditya removed his t-shirt and threw it on the nearby stool. The gentle darkness revealed his sturdy body which had now begun to form pearls of sweat on it. "Aap bohot khoobsurat ho!" Aditya told her, looking straight at her eyes. Tamanna returned with a blushing smile. It was the first time in her life, that she had received such a compliment.
As Aditya readied to lay down, Tamanna walked past him and in the darkness they collided. The huge breasts brushed against the sturdy sweaty body of Aditya. They both looked at each other and blushed. It was one of those nights when Tamanna was extremely horny and never in her life had she felt this extreme an urge to express it so wildly. The saree fell down from her shoulder, exposing the bare breasts with dark nipples. It glistened with sweat against the flickering flame. Aditya stood there and watched agape. Tamanna did not try to cover herself up. She wanted to enjoy tonight. She wanted to satisfy herself tonight. She wanted to be the slut she had always dreamt of being.
Aditya moved closer as Tamanna looked aside in shyness. He moved his lips closer. Tamanna began to feel the heavy breathing of Aditya. She did not react. She was numb. The very fact that her drunk husband was lying in the next room while a stranger was trying to steal a kiss turned her on. Aditya had her boner and it was quietly visible through the boxers he was wearing. Tamanna suddenly gripped him and pulled him closer and kissed him hard. The salivas exchanged and so did the sweat on their lips.
It was salty and Aditya had his biggest bulge on the boxers tonight. He forced her down as they both laid down on the bedsheet. Tamanna gently removed her saree over the waist and kept it on the side stool. She was sweaty and their bodies slid against each other. Aditya just wanted to forget all stigmas and enjoy this night of wildness. He licked Tamanna's upper body. He wanted to taste the serenity of the woman. He licked all her sweat while Tamanna moaned in anticipation. Tamanna raised her upper arm and pushed her arm-pit forward. It was dark and hairy. The hair in the armpits made it all sexier. Aditya licked it wildly. The kinky smell of the sweat turned him on and on. He slid his hands inside the petticoat and felt the thick bushy haired pussy.
He had fucked a lot of girls. Almost every one was clean shaved or at least neatly trimmed. But this was something different. Tamanna was a dirty slut. She was an ordinary housewife. She had bushes of thick black hair on her vaginal walls which made it more attractive! Aditya removed his boxers and forced his erect penis inside Tamanna, laying on top of her. And it was the first time, Tamanna felt a manhood exploiting her so wildly and yet caringly. Aditya thrust his dick inside feeling the moist warmth of Tamanna's womanly pussy. It was loose, quite evident of the fact that her husband had always been harsh on her. He rubbed himself against her slippery sweaty body while Tamanna laid back quietly. She was enjoying the night of her life. She had surrendered herself to Aditya's manhood.
She wanted him to dominate tonight while she enjoyed the rare luxury. She moaned wildly as she was relaxed about her husband being completely out of senses to find anything out. Aditya sucked the huge breasts and the taste was completely different from the regular teens he slept with. It had a tinge of sweatiness and an erotic saltiness to it. It felt great. he sucked for almost ten minutes while Tamanna moaned loudly. Aditya again continued fucking Tamanna hard. He jumped on top of her and watched her womanly face shake in ecstasy.
And finally after almost thirty minutes of good fucking, Tamanna orgasmed. She had the most powerful orgasm ever. She cried out like a mad woman. Tears rolled down through the side of her eyes as she craved for more. Aditya got down and turned Tamanna over him and began another fuck session. Tamanna, for the first time in her life, dominated a man. She sat on him. The penis was still inside her wet pussy. She now began humping like a horse-rider. She humped on Aditya wildly and it was only a matter of ten minutes when she orgasmed again. Never had she had multiple orgasms! She was exhausted and completely spent by now.
Aditya quickly pulled out his erect rod from inside Tamanna and forced it into her mouth. And there she was! Complete piece of magic! The thick paste of saliva on his dick felt like heaven as Tamanna sucked it like a whore. She gently bit it at the bottom and pressed it hard against her throat. And finally, Aditya came! He exploded with an insane amount of semen. The thick load of semen poured gently inside Tamanna's mouth as she obediently drank it. She had never tasted semen before. It was salty. It was sour. It was smelly. It was thick. It was dirty. And it was warm. She was satisfied now. She was completely spent.
They both laid for an hour, naked and on each other's arms. They didn't speak to each other. Aditya caressed her hair and Tamanna gently stroked his penis which had now become small after working so hard.
At 4′ o clock, Tamanna and Aditya got up. In an hour the sun would be up and her husband would go to work. She got up and looked at Aditya smilingly and wore the petticoat, the blouse, and the saree. Aditya dressed up too and began to pack his bag. He would leave in a couple of minutes.
It was a night, Tamanna will never forget. She loved her husband. She did not want to cheat on him. Neither did she want to have sex with s stranger again. But tonight she needed it more than anything. She enjoyed the night and wanted to carry it with her for the rest of her life. They promised to never meet again as Aditya walked away.
Tamanna cleaned the semen stains from the floor and tied her hair. And then she slept beside her husband holding him tight. She wanted to be a slut for one night. And she was one hell of a SLUT!
[Note: Guys! It is my first story. Do let me know if you like it. Depending on the reaction on this story, I will write further stories too. Thank you.]

Wife Enjoyed While Sleeping - Hindi Sex Story

Posted by daniala parker on 2:09 PM
Hi indian sex stories dot net readers
This is the story about a trip to hill station after marriage. I am not very rich to take my wife to foreign places for honeymoon. So I had planned to go some hill stations. But because of company emergency workload I could not manage for vacation. My wife is very under-standing, and never complained about that.
Meanwhile, we shifted to a good society. It was my wife's choice to go to that society as our neighbor Prity was her very good school friend. We were staying on the eighth floor of the society. Two flats in front of us were always locked. So we were the two families just became very close. Our Neighbor Prity has a 1.5-year-old baby. Her Husband Nilesh is a friendly and helping nature person. Because of their good behavior, we had faced no problem in the society.
Now let us go to the incident.
In was low production month. So almost all the factories were shutting down for few days for maintenance. Coincidently Our Factory and Nilesh's Factory were planned for a shutdown on the same week. Nilesh asked us to plan these days. It was my wife and Prity who decided to go for the nearest hill station about 10-hour journey. It was an unplanned vacation. So we packed as soon as possible. It was our first vacation, So my wife was very excited.
We started our journey at night so that we can reach the destination in the morning. But unfortunately there was a landslide and we were stuck for the whole day. We reached there at 10 PM at night. We searched for Hotels to stay, but there were no rooms available. We searched for one hour, but could not find a single room. It was almost midnight. We were all tired. Then we reached a hotel where all the rooms were full. When we requested them a lot, they told that they have one room, but it is under renovation. So there is no furniture or bed. They told us that they can give us mattresses, pillow etc. We had no other options. So we decided to stay in that room.
It was a small room of 10×10. With attached bathroom. We took our dinner and went to sleep. We were all tired because of 24-hour bus journey. So we changed our dresses and went to sleep. I was wearing a trouser and a vest. My wife wore her night dress. My wife generally sleeps topless with me. But as we were with Prity and Nilesh she just unhooked her bra inside her night dress to relax at night. Prity was wearing a night dress with front buttons. She was not wearing any bra as she used to feed her baby. Her nipples were protruding from her shirt type night dress. Nilesh was wearing a capree. Prity's baby is not used to the dark, so we decided to keep the light on.
Both the ladies were sleeping at center and men were sleeping at sides. We were almost all asleep within few minutes. After about 2 hours I woke up for a pee. I was returning from the bathroom in a drowsy condition. Accidentally my eyes fell on Prity. She might have fed her baby, and left her boobs uncovered. Her top few buttons of the shirt type night dress were open. Her left boob was out of her dress completely. I was stuck for seconds. Her boobs were quite big. Might be 36 size as compared to my wife's 32 boobs. I stood for a minute. It was making me hard. But I controlled myself and went to bed. I tried to divert myself and control my emotions.
But my eyes were getting attracted towards those open boobs. Somehow automatically my hand went around my wife and started exploring her boobs under her loose top. My wife is quite habituated with my boob grab at night. Because we generally sleep nude hugging each other and many a times I play with her boobs and cunt. Few times I had also fucked her while she was sleeping.
So when I played with her boobs in the hotel she was not at all disturbed. After a while, Prity's child started crying. It broke my sleep. I partially opened my eyes. She laid her baby on her chest and started breast feeding. Her eyes were closed but she was giving the baby a shaking motion. Soon the baby stopped crying and she placed the baby on her right side between herself and her husband. She also turned towards her husband moving her boobs away from my sight. The cry of the baby might have disturbed the sleep of Nilesh. So he wakes up and went to wash room. I was almost asleep at that time. Eventually, I realized that my hand is inside my wife's top. I don't know whether Nilesh had noticed or not but I decided to remove my hand and moved few inches away from her.
After a minute Nilesh came from washroom paused for few seconds and slept between Prity and my wife. As Prity had moved the baby to the other side, there was enough space for him. I thought he might be having a crunch space at that side because of the baby. So he might have decided to sleep between the two ladies. He was facing towards her wife and slept within minutes. Soon I was also asleep. It was around 4 am when again my sleep was broken because of some outside noise of street dogs. I tried to open my eyes partially and saw. All were sleeping in the same position. Soon I was about to sleep when Nilesh turned from Prity's side to my wife's side. His hand was on her bare stomach as her top was shifted by my boob gab. I thought he was still sleeping. I was thinking how to react and finally decided to push him so that he would again turn to another side. But before I could react I saw some hand movement. It was Nilesh who moved his hand upwards. As the top was loose, his hands easily reached to her boobs and he started grabbing my wife's boobs. I was in a little bit dilemma, as saw his eyes were still closed. And now as his hands were inside her top it is not easy to push him. Because along with his hand my wife's top might also be pulled. This might wake her up. But my cock was tight watching someone grabbing her boobs. After a while, his hand automatically moved out of her top. I believed he was sleeping and accidentally grabbed my wife thinking his wife. Else who would stop grabbing a sleeping lady who is unaware of who is playing with her boobs? So I did not push him and let him sleep with his hand on her belly.
I closed my eyes again and tried to sleep. Soon I was in deep sleep. It was 5:30 am when I again woke up. I saw Nilesh was sleeping near his wife. He was sucking her left boob while playing with her other boob. I decided to enjoy the show. Prity was still sleeping. But because of his movement, few jets of milks were coming from her boob. I was watching all these with partially opened eyes. All the buttons of Prity's top were open. Soon he started fingering her cunt. After 5 minutes of such play, Prity woke up and adjusted her dress. Soon the alarm rang and we all woke up. We all bathed one by one. We saw our wives changing dresses with modesty. Soon we became ready and started our journey.
That day we visited all nearby placed and temples. One of the temples was on the top of the hill. It took few hours to climb up and return. It was 9 PM when we returned. We took our dinner and went to the reception. We asked for any extra room, but because of land slide highway was blocked. So no one checked out that day. So we went to our room. We were all tired. So we decided to sleep soon. Nilesh was again sleeping between Prity and my wife. He was showing the photos of his mobile clicked that day to my wife. My wife was also not uncomfortable. Soon we all were in deep sleep.
I woke up around 1am.I saw my wife. My wife was wearing a loose stretchable string top and a short loose pant with no bra or panty. Her short pant was hardly 6 inches long. It was so loose that one can touch her pussy lips from bottom. She was looking too sexy.
Then I saw Prity and Nilesh. Prity was wearing a one piece top ending on her knee. But currently, it was lifted above her cunt while boobs are out from the top. Nilesh might be playing with her cunt and boob while sleeping like last night. Nilesh was in his capree. But it was way below his waist, exposing his ass and cock. So I turned my wife towards my side and tried to sleep. I tried to remain still with eyes closed but could not sleep. I slightly opened my one eye.
I saw one palm over her waist. I got a sudden erection. But I remained silent as he might be still sleeping like yesterday. There was no movement for few minutes. Then my wife turned and faced upwards. With this movement no gap remained between Nilesh and my wife. I don't know why but I started enjoying the situation. I wanted to see more exploration of my wife while sleeping. Then Nilesh moved his hand up but accidentally lifting her top. I was not sure whether he was thinking my wife as Prity in sleeping condition or taking advantage, but her right boob came in view. Suddenly Nilesh adjusted her head and started sucking her nipples. OMG. He was sucking my wife's nipple.
Soon he grabbed the other boob also and started squeezing it. Soon her top was completely above her both boobs. One of her boobs was in Nilesh's mouth while other was in his hand. Still, eyes of Nilesh were closed. His movements were stopping for few minutes as if he slept and again starts. Suddenly his right hand went downwards. Before I could understand he lowered her pant. It was too loose and easily went till her knee.
Suddenly the power went. There was a complete darkness. The hotel has a generator but not an automatic one. Because of the night, no one was bothered to start it. Soon I heard slow moaning sound from my wife. After a minute or two because of some dim light from somewhere, I could see the bodies as dark shadows. First I could not figure it out but later visualized that it was Nilesh almost half over my wife. And the movement was like he was riding on her. I think his cock was not able to go in but pushing on her cunt. My wife is habituated with my night fucking. And accidentally she moved her left leg upwards making it free of pant and placed it widened. She might be thinking I was trying to fuck her. So she removed the restriction. There was no heavy movement but very slow body shacking movement by Nilesh. After a while, Nilesh readjusted a little bit and eventually came almost over her.
This time I heard the noise of Cock moving in wet cunt. I am very frequent with this chuk chuk noise. So even in the darkness, I could understand what was going on. Oh God. Nilesh is fucking my wife. My dumb wife must be thinking it was me. But he was not fucking very fast. It still kept confusion in my mind whether he was fucking in sleeping or taking advantage. But I was enjoying the situation. But meanwhile soft moaning sound was coming from my wife. After half an hour the power came. Nilesh was sleeping still over my wife. The view was awesome. But it was too much. Now the power is back and if any one wakes up then the situation will be too bad. So I slowly pushed Nilesh away from my wife. As soon as his cock moved out from my wife I saw a white stream flowing from her cunt.
Oh god, Nilesh has ejected inside my wife's cunt. This was not at all expected by me. I brought my used vest and gently wiped the semen from my wife's cunt. The more I was wiping the more fluid was coming from inside. After few minutes it stopped. Finally, I wiped her cunt with a wet cloth to make it completely clean. So that she won't feel being fucked. Then I looked at both the ladies. Both were sleeping with boobs out and visible cunt. I thought for a while to fuck Prity. But I stopped myself. Nilesh was sleeping on one side and her baby was sleeping on the other side. So finally I adjusted my wife's clothes and slept hugging her.
In the morning around 4:30am my wife first woke up. She slowly shook me. When I woke up she showed me Nilesh completely nude. His capree was accidentally completely out of his body. Prity was also almost nude with her top bunched at her belly. Nilesh was having a morning erection. Then the first time I saw his fully erect cock. It was almost of my size. She told me that Nilesh might have fucked Prity at night while sleeping. But I am the one who knew whom he fucked. As they were in deep sleep I teased my wife to compare whose cock is better. She immediately got angry on this. This made me clear that she is not at all interested in Nilesh. We also slept for another hour and woke up after Nilesh and Prity, so that they do not feel embarrassed been seen naked.
That day we visited few other places and returned back at night to our city. I never saw any change in Nilesh's behavior or any attempt to see my wife's private parts. So I never thought to analyze whether he was sleeping that night or not. It was like a dream to me.

First Sex In Bangalore With Malayali - Hindi Sex Story

Posted by daniala parker on 2:08 PM
hi indian sex stories dot net peeps, it's a real experience happened in my life. And not a fake one just to mess up.I ain't that good enough to write a story like a professional one and hope you peeps gonna enjoy the real incident of my past life some 5 years ago.Send your feedbacks to me through my email shyamkumarhere@gmail.Com.
Well , I'm Shyam from Trivandrum, capital city of kerala..26 years old that time when I started travelling to Bangalore 5 years ago after finishing my studies…Most people love to work and lead their lives over there in Bangalore, a city where full of parks, honest people blah blah.. I'm very fit and got hairy chest and sometimes I felt to shave it off..Some of my buddies used to say females love hairy guys and they love to play with the chest hairs pulling it up with lips and hands…Moreover my nipples are surrounded by long hairs…And got huge thighs as well ..Anyhow my intention is not only to hunt a job but a girlfriend as well..Was so curious about my trip…Got around 20k rupees from my mom who is a housewife and she wanted me to find a job asap.But my intention were different to experience a real sex which I never had before…
Booked a ticket at kpn travels from trivandrum to bangalore….Started the journey in the bus and was so happy as I never been to bangalore before…Reached to bangalore in the morning and rang to one of my friends to take me to his room…His name is venugopal, he works for infosys…He came to the bus stand with a rent auto rickshaw..And while travelling the auto rickshaw , was surprised to see chicks with modern costume and it made me to grab one girl sooner..Reached to venu's room at indira nagar…
He asked me to create a resume from a net cafe near to his room…Been to washroom to have a shower…Dressed up quickly…And walked down to the net cafe…A 15 year old guy looking for the cafe…Asked him to provide a pc for an hour to create a resume…I was seated next to a girl…She seems stressed out as her pendrive wasn't working and all her engineering projects in it…A pretty girl with round face , huge boobies (perfect shape) and fair skin wearing t-shirt and jeans…I wanted to help her fixing pendrive..And to make friendship with her…Her boobies made me to crazy…Felt to play it with my long tongue..When she bend down to plug and unplug pendrive in the cpu…I was able to see her light pink panty slightly came out the jeans…I said her, not to be tensed and I can try fixing it…She gave the chair for me to fix the pendrive…I sat and cleaned the virus using antivirus software…
And the pendrive started working fine…She was very happy and thanked me…Exchanged the mobile numbers…That night got a call from her at around 11pm..She said" it's bindushree and is that shyam"…I replied " yep it's shyam" and we started the conversation..Gotta know she is a mallu from kasargode settled in bangalore with her mom and her father working in dubai…The conversation lasts too long..She called me after 2 days, invited me to her home at indira nagar during the day time when her mom goes to work…And her mom works in a courier service from 10.30 morning to 5.30pm…I was very eager to meet bindhu n hoping we would end up in good sex..As I was new to bangalore, next morning at 11am she rang me and directed the routes to reach her home…
And I been to the right place where she lives… It's a apartment and seen kids playing on the ground…She was standing outside the gate to welcome me to her flat…I was stunned seeing her wearing purple color kurda and jeans and looks so hot in that wearing..I was on my black t-shirt and jeans..She did hold my hand n taken to her flat..She asked me to sit on the sofa and it's a two bedroom kitchen house… Decorated nicely with flower pots and paintings… She was about to leave to kitchen to prepare tea or something…I said her not to cook anything and already my belly is full…She said, "You aren't full n belly is empty… I said" nope, I'm full, trust me", she said " okay show me your belly and let me check how full it is". I got to know her plan and just wanted to take the chance for a happy ending…
I just pulled my t-shirt up… She saw it with shyness… And I said " if you still don't trust then you can check my belly touching it"…She asked me in low voice " are you sure", my heart started beating fast and replied her " yes you can"…She came closer to me… I felt little nervous each step she came towards me and still I love that feeling in me… Sat next to me on the sofa… Started wiping my bell and navel for about 1 minute… That made me aroused..I fully turned on….Held her hand n kept it in my hairy chest..She looked at my face with her sexy look and asked me to wait for a second…I said "Ok" with a sigh..Seen her locked the front door and put the screen on it…Came back to me…Held my hand and taken me to her room…
It's a room with jasmine fragrance surrounds…It made my mood on lots…I just started rubbing her fingers while kissing each other we fell on the bed, she was under me. We were passionate while kissing each other and my dick was rising. She wrapped her legs around my waist and was feeling the tent in my pants, she started to move her hips a little while we were still kissing. I moved to her neck and then a little further down to her cleavage. When I first kissed on the cleavage she left out a slight moan and in my head, I was saying to myself wow, this is finally happening. I started pressing her boobs over her top with my left hand while my right hand was exploring her navel and my mouth was moving near her ear lobes.
I bite her left earlobe and started kissing the back of her ear, my hands were doing their own thing and then I moved to the right ear. Her moans started getting louder, she held my hair firmly and started kissing me madly. We started playing around with our tongues, it became a game. She was chasing my tongue, I would invite her in my mouth and then she would try and do the same. I could feel a little pre-cum ooze out in my pants due to the excitement…I just removed her kurda and I was very surprised excited and very nervous as well.There was big boobies which was firmly holded by a bra….Then I put my hand behind her and removed bra hooks. Now bra was loosen and I took her bra out and smelled it, there was a good smell of that pleasant aroma in that bra..Suddenly, she put her hand inside my jeans and started massaging my thighs. And jeans was so tightened… So I just removed my jeans and t-shirt…Her hands started playing with my hairy chest and nipples…She started squeezing my nipples n pull it up with her lips …I just made it comfortable lying on bed….
I could feel her warm & soft breasts getting pressed against my chest. It was heavenly feeling..She was so much turned on by this that she hugged me very tightly and I was almost out of breath…I just made her lie on the bed and did spread her legs …Started squeezing her legs from toe to thighs…Took off her panty …Omg I saw an awesome trimmed pussy…It was lovely and juicy…My lips tempted to lick it long…Pulled her legs upwards n put it on my shoulders…Started licking her juicy pussy with my long tongue…Pulled her clit with my lips, felt her pussy started oozing…I tasted her wet pussy…My tongue started moving in and out inside her pussy…
Made her started moaning…She loudly said"" shyam,, I love you,, babe keep doing it…Oh eeshwara enik entho sambavikunu( oh god, something happening in me)"…I just keep on licking n inserting my tongue for about 10 mins…N her whole pussy were wet.. Moved to top of her body…. To play with her boobs…Bindhu's boobs were so creamy. Her nipples were pink & puffy. I placed my lips on her nipple & started sucking it.She was moaning in pleasure. My hand was busy squeezing the other breast, which I was doing so strongly,.Now she made me to lie on bed and she kissed the tip of my cock and started stroking it. Her fingers got sticky due to the precum, however, she continued her act. I was simultaneously pressing her ass cheeks were one hand & her breast with the other…She took my dick in her mouth & started sucking it moving her tongue around the tip and the shaft. I was enjoying every moment of it…My cock erected like a steel rod upwards…And I felt it's time to drill her pussy with my hard cock….
She really had a tight hole…she started crying a bit due to pain…. Since she was all wet it was easy to go in….I pushed my dick inside….She shouted once n held me very tightly so tight that I could feel her nails at my back…. Gradually I started fucking her slowly and then….I went fast… Moved my cock faster and faster deep inside her pussy…. She had her legs wrapped around me….N I was fucking her like a monster….. After around 10 minutes she cummed….And I keep on moving my cock inside her pussy for about 20 mins. Then I took out my dick and cummed in the bedsheet…. She was lying on the bed….
All exhausted…We both used to repeated it for 2 years…Later I left to kerala after I have been appointed for a new job…Came to know she got married and living happily….That was the only girl ever I had sex and it was amazing…Now a days I started hunting new……Thanks for reading the real incident happened in my life

Episode 26 - The Exam Heat - Hindi Sex Story

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Borah had returned back from his official trip, beaming with ideas to blackmail Sowmya with the evidences he had successfully acquired, of her and the two strangers she had been with. But first he wanted to go and meet Mrs. Nair to unwind with the relaxing warmth of her body. He had intended a surprise for her and so had sneaked in to her flat with the spare key that she normally keeps under the mat.
But inside he had been surprised himself when he found Mrs. Nair with Rahul. Rahul, the son of Mr. Sharma of the third floor was with her and both were naked and intimate with each other. Both of them were initially startled to see Borah there and couldn't hide their shock. But later Mrs. Nair was able to convince both the boys to have fun together, as she didn't want to lose either of her lovers.
Though confused but finally both gave up to the coaxing from Mrs. Nair. She started with sucking Borah's cock while Rahul started fucking her from behind. She was on her fours, like a bitch, allowing Rahul to bang her from behind while she gave Borah the pleasure of her tongue. Soon she reached her orgasm and became wet, but Rahul kept on going until he had come inside her.
And as soon as Rahul had finished his business, Borah had her on her back and started fucking her in missionary position. Both continued fucking and kissing each other for long until Mrs. Nair experienced one more orgasm, both powerful and exhausting. At the same time it drove her mad and hornier as she coaxed Borah to continue fucking her hard.
Rahul too had joined them by forcing her to suck on his cock while Borah continued fucking her until he too came inside her. And before Mrs. Nair felt tired, Rahul replaced Borah once again and came for the second time. Mrs. Nair was fucked thrice during that couple of hours, once by Borah and twice by Rahul. And at the end of it she laid wasted, amidst her own pool of juices. The two boys, exhausted too, lay beside her too tired to move.
While Mrs. Nair was busy having fun with the two boys of her daughter's age, her daughters were out and busy at college. All the more because the exams were fast approaching, and both, especially Aarushi, had a lot to be concerned about.
Aarushi had bunked most of her classes at the start of the session, so near the exams she was concerned that she didn't know much to write in the exams. She had called up few of her friends, but none were too helpful at that point. They thought to collect the notes from the others who had attended the classes. But they too turned out to be selfish and unhelpful at that point.
"I don't think we will get much help from this bunch of nerds" exclaimed one of her friends, commenting about the unhelpful friends of their class. "But we need the notes anyway if we are to attempt the exams". Aarushi too was concerned about her state, and she too needed the notes and was afraid of doing badly in the exams. But unlike others she had other ideas to extract what is needed from her unhelpful friends.
While the rest of her friends were busy lamenting their situation, she sneaked out quietly and headed for the library. What she was looking for would definitely be in the library at that time, and she was correct as she spotted a lot of her nerdy classmates in the large hall of the library. She looked around through the bunch of students here and there, but she was not interested in any of them. She continued looking until her eyes stopped at a gentleman, sitting along on a table at the corner.
It was Agnihotri, their professor, he was 45 and used to spend most of the time alone and minding his own job. Aarushi thought maybe she could use her charm to get him help her out with the notes, or may be a couple of questions too. She tried to remember when was the last time she had attended his class but couldn't. But nevertheless it was her only chance and was much better than pleading in front of those nerdy assholes of her class. And so she drew a deep breath and then approached him cautiously.
"Hello Sir" she approached the table, occupied by Agnihotri, and he looked up immediately to see who the intruder was, and recognised her too. Aarushi was one of the popular creatures of, not only her class but the college too. She was attractive and had a sexy figure, and all boys knew her from day 1. And her popularity didn't go unnoticed by the professors too. He looked up at her and frowned unsure of what she wanted of him. Aarushi sat at a chair right opposite to him and cleared her throat.
"Hi, I am Aarushi, and I belong to your class" she started some conversation. "Hello" he replied curtly, "May be though I don't remember when I saw you last", he added. "Sorry sir, actually I am not much regular at the classes…" she started giving excuses for not being so regular as Agnihotri began nodding uninterestingly. Aarushi took some time to make up a few excuses before she could come to the point. "…And so I don't have the notes that is necessary for this exam, and I thought if you could help me…" and she looked at him with hopeful eyes.
It always works – she thought, she gave him a look which normally gets all the other boys smitten so much that they get ready to do anything for her, but not this one. Agnihotri wasn't the kind to get smitten by her girlish charm so easily. He looked at her thoughtfully, while Aarushi tried making cute faces to overpower him with her charm.
"See, there are people who have worked long and hard for these notes" he started speaking, "and I don't think it will be fair to them if I give you these so easily without any hardwork". He finished with a sly grin on his face. Aarushi's first attempt didnt work as he turned her down so coldly. "Oh please sir, don't be so mean" she said again and held his hand suddenly. But Agnihotri pulled his hands quickly, "Your charm not going to work with me girl" he replied abruptly. "Try these on your classmates and they still might get smitten by your antics" he added and then focussed back on the book.
Aarushi was shocked at this sudden rejection, she was not used to such treatment from boys. Wherever she had gone she had seen the boys of any age go mad about her. But Agnihotri didn't seem to care, even when such a bold and sexy girl like her was approaching him for help directly. But it wasn't time to be angry as Aarushi quickly tried thinking of something. There is one thing boys can never reject, how hard he is.
"Sir, I know everyone else has worked hard for it, and I am too ready to work hard but only if you give me a chance" she said with a naughty grin indicating the real meaning between her lines. Agnihotri looked up immediately, and looked at her with a frown, "What do you mean?" he asked. "Sir I mean, even I can work hard, and work much better than them, I just need a chance to show you how hard working I am" she said.
Agnihotri was still confused as he kept looking at her blankly. Aarushi now stood up and bent forward, making sure that he can see her cleavage clearly, "All I need is a chance sir, and it can change both of our lives", she whispered, careful of not being over heard by someone else.
He had seen through her shirt alright, and already felt his cock pricking in his pants. There was no time to think, yet he waited for a few seconds which seemed like an eternity and then nodded his head. "Very well then, meet me at my office at 7" he said in a hushed voice. 'It had worked' – Aarushi thought, and she smiled and then winked at him before leaving the table and the library. On her way she crossed the group of her friends who were still squabbling with the rest of the students to get hold of anything they could that will help them in the exams.
Later in the evening…
By 6 pm the college had become almost empty. The last of the classes were over by 5.30, and the students who had stayed back for the canteen or to use the library too started leaving. Even most of the professors and staffs would leave by 6.30. Aarushi was at a nearby cafe, conscious of her secret meeting with Agnihotri. She was with her friends and alike them she too pretended to be hapless.
Close to 7 she stood up and pretended to go home, most of her friends would still stay and chat throughout the evening. On a normal day she too would have stayed back to participate in the gossips. But not that day as she left urgently and then cautiously headed back to the college.
The building was completely empty, and was scarcely lit around the passages and common areas. Agnihotri's office was at the second floor, and so she took the deserted stairs to climb the two floors. The stairs which normally buzz with noises on normal time, seemed bear with silence. She climbed the two floors quickly, yet cautious of not being caught by someone else. She didnt know what excuse she would make if someone else catches her there at that time.
Fortunately she encountered no one during the brief walk up to Agnihotri's room. The door of his room was closed as she slightly knocked on the door, expecting no one else to be inside. Agnihotri was indeed alone and was waiting for her, yet pretended to be busy on some silly papers, scattered on his table. Aarushi came in and stood in-front of him boldly, she was resolute and well aware of the cost she had promised to pay.
Agnihotri sat back at his chair, reclining as much as he could and looked back at her from top to bottom. And then he stood up suddenly and walked past the table and briskly went past her. Aarushi turned around in amusement, to see what he was upto. Agnihotri reached the door and locked it carefully from inside and then slowly started walking back towards her.
Aarushi turned back and then stood silently with her back towards him. Agnihotri stopped behind her and then looked at her once again from top to bottom. Aarushi was wearing a white shirt and pair of tight denims, she looked every inch a seductress that she was. And suddenly Agnihotri grabbed her from behind.
Aarushi was initially taken aback. She was not expecting to be grabbed like that, from behind, so suddenly. But Agnihotri held her tightly from behind and he grabbed her breasts and started pressing them hard. "Mmmmm…nice breasts, fleshy yet soft" he commented feeling the firmness of her 32 B breasts. Aarushi stood motionless, surprised by that sudden move.
Agnihotri pressed her breasts from behind until he was satisfied that he had pressed them hard enough, then he slowly came in front and leant at the table, directly in front of her. Aarushi still felt the sharp pain he had left behind on her breasts, she had winced a couple of times when he had been pressing them mercilessly. There was a glimmer of a sudden fear in her eyes when she looked back at him.
Agnihotri then slowly started caressing her breasts, "did I hurt you too much?" he asked and Aarushi nodded back. "Well it's just the starting then, you will need to work hard to pass your exams" he exclaimed with a victor's grin. And while Aarushi started contemplating the gamble she had taken, Agnihotri had already started unbuttoning her shirt.
Slowly he had unbuttoned the top few buttons of her shirt and had loosened her shirt at the top. Then he slowly rubbed her bare chest with the back side of his arm. He rubbed his fingers on her deep cleavage, feeling the soft flesh around those firm mounds. Aarushi swallowed a deep breath and then closed her eyes, signalling her surrender. Agnihotri was pleased to see the sign of obedience in her and then continued unbuttoning the rest of her shirt.
Soon he had taken the shirt off her body, leaving most of her upper body exposed apart from the area covered by the white lacy bra. He then held her left breast and pulled the cup of the bra down to bring that breast out in the open, and then slowly ran his tongue on the tip of her already erect nipple. "Ummmmmmmmmmmm", Aarushi whimpered as she felt his wet tongue brushed repeatedly on her erect nipple. And then she shrieked sharply when she felt a sudden pain run down her chest. She opened her eyes in the constant pain to find her nipple at mercy of Agnihotri's teeth.
He had bit on her nipple and had been chewing on it occasionally to make her wince in pain. At the same time, he had also pulled her other breast out and was pressing it and pinching that nipple. "Mmmmmm…Please sir…it hurts…ohhhhhh…aaaahhhhhh", all Aarushi could do was to plea for softness, something which Agnihotri had not intended for her.
Responding to her constant plea to soften down, he finally stopped torturing her nipples, but not until they were red and swelled with bite marks. But he looked back at her eyes, "What happened? All your charms vanished? You don't want to pass anymore?" he asked, and Aarushi nodded back with a watery eye. "But sir, you are hurting me, I can please you more if you are a bit soft" she dared to suggest.
Agnihotri shrugged and then walked back past the table, and back to his vacant chair. He sat back, looking at her, "Okay, I will not touch you for the next half an hour, show me how you intend to please me" he barked with a sudden anger. Aarushi was suddenly startled, her heart was pounding hard and her mind raced as she thought what to do next. However it didn't took long before Aarushi knew what exactly she had to do.
She looked back at his cold eyes, and gave a seducing smile. She then stepped back couple of steps so that he had her in his full view, and then she took her arms behind to unhook the useless bra and got rid of it. And then she started moving her body erotically, trying to please him.
She held her own breasts and then pressed them, making erotic noises and faces trying to simulate how a whore would have fancied a prospective customer. But Agnihotri watched blankly without much emotion. Aarushi then slowly unbuttoned her jeans and drew the zip enough to pull the jeans off smoothly. She then slowly pushed it down her long and slender legs leaving nothing but a pair of black panties on her.
She stood almost naked, swerving her body erotically in a bid to please her professor. Agnihotri was still on his chair and looked keenly at her naked body. Aarushi looked at him for signs of appreciation and found a lump in his pants, signs of his interest in what she was doing. Quickly she thought about her next step and then briskly she walked past the table to reach where Agnihotri was seated.
He didn't protest as she slowly knelt in front on him and placed her hand on the lump on his pants. She rubbed her hands slowly on that lump, feeling the shape of his erect cock. She looked up at his eyes and saw encouragement in his eyes. She continued looking at his eyes while unzipping his pants and then slowly taking his cock out of his pants, and finally shifted her gaze down to look at his erect cock, which she was holding it in her arm.
Agnihotri had an average 6 inch cock which was throbbing with the urge for attention. She held it lovingly and started kissing at its sides. She kissed at the sides of his cock, and then licked it with her tongue, rubbed it on her face, and then continued kissing at it. She felt the strong odour of his manhood driving her mad. And then finally after licking his cock for one last time, she took it inside her mouth.
Agnihotri felt the nice wet warmth of her mouth and closed his eyes in satisfaction. Aarushi took it in her mouth and slowly started sucking it. Though he felt satisfied at the feel of her mouth, but still he was not pleased as she had not taken it deep inside and was only sucking the head. Agnihotri decided that it was time he took matters back in his hands and then swiftly he grabbed her by her hairs.
Agnihotri grabbed her head, by her hairs, and then purposefully drew it more on his cock. "Deeper" he commanded as he forced his cock deeper inside her mouth. He had grabbed her so tightly and pushed his cock so suddenly that Aarushi almost choked and broke in a fit of coughing. Agnihotri paused momentarily for the coughing to subside and once again he pushed his cock further until it touched the back of her throat. Till then he had her held tightly by her hairs.
"There, suck deep like that" he had said with his cock pushed against the back of her throat, and Aarushi started obeying immediately. She continued jerking her head, which was still grabbed by him, to and fro managing to suck his cock as deep as he wanted. Though she went to the verge of choking each time she took it deep, yet she had no other choice but to continue.
Agnihotri kept a tight leash on her hairs, and closed his eyes to feel the pleasure of the depth and warmth of her mouth. Aarushi too closed her eyes and as saliva drooled out of her mouth she continued servicing her professor's cock. The two continued like that for several minutes until Agnihotri eased his grip on her and then suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth and stood up, pulling her up by her hairs.

Love Making with my BF - Hindi Sex Story

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Hi my name is seerat. I am from Chandigarh . I would like to share my first sex experience with my boyfriend. I am a hot Punjabi girl and my figure is 34-28-34. Now I will tell you about my boyfriend his name is rajbeer. He has a strong body his height is about 6 feet's. I love his hairy chest. We are dating from graduation's 2nd year; yeah he was my class mate.
It's a story after completion of our 2nd year. There was vacation after the exam. We hugged and said bye to each other. My boyfriend hugs me he kissed on my neck. Hmmm that's awesome I was surprised too because before that he never kissed me. Yeah off course we are in 1 year relationship. But I was a shy girl that's why he didn't do anything before, he was afraid that if I got angry when he does kiss or start asing about sex with me. I was surprised when he kissed but at the same time I feel happy too. It was amazing I love his smell. Then he dropped me to my home. He hugged me and again kissed on my neck and chicks. When he reached home he called me and asks me. How was your experience then i know for what experience he was asking but I was not showing him he then he told you know everything baby. I felt shy then he said you smell awesome. I was enjoying after that day he starts to do more flirt with me on phone. After some time I also involved with him in flirting. Then we start sex on phone. i was starting fingering in my hole that was awesome experience's told him about my experience he enjoyed allot too . then he told me he had something for me which give me more pleasure i know he was asking about his rock hard 9 inches dick. . I said how? He told me for that I would have to meet him then he will tell me. I know he means he wants to fuck me but now i was also lusting for sex. I said yeas He picked me from the pg. we went for movie and then had lunch during movie he was rubbing my hand and thighs in hall there was dark and no one can see us. than he trying to kiss on my neck but I told him no because I was not feeling uncomfortable over their then when after movie we had lunch. I asked him he wants to tell me some thing he know for what thing I was asking about he told me for that you have to come with me . I was exited too for the pleasure of sex i told him yes we reached his home there was no one his parents are working. we went to his room I dropped my bag their he was standing behind me he came close to me and grab me in his arms. and start kissing me on my neck hmmm he was awesome that was my first time and he suck my neck slowly he put down my top's straps and turned me in front of him and kissing me on my neck.hmm he hugged me tightly i was too now enjoying everything and starts kissing him on his neck he smelled awesome i love his skin. i sucked his skin lick his neck then he hold my face in his hand and kiss me on my lips oh that was amazing that was my first kiss it was awesome he sucked my pink lips and put his tongue inside my mouth I didn't neo about this kind of kising i start sucking his tounge ohhhhhhh that was amazing.i was too put my tounge inside his mouth he too sucked it well then he pick me in his arms and and put me on bed and remove his shirt his body was awesum hmmmmm. I closed my eyes he starts kissing all over my body and then he remove my top i wire a back bra. he kissed on my boobs with bra and told me they are cute and unhock my bra ohhhhh that was amazing he looked at me with lustiness he felt thirsty he starts sucking them ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm thats amazing i love the way he attacked on my boobs sucked themoh that was amazing i moned loudly all the room is full with my moaning hmmmm mmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh i was enjoying too i pushed his face on my boobs he sucked them more hardly… oh thats superb he licked my navel and pressing my boobs wildly. oh thats amazing i told him hard more press them more hard .
Then he remove my jens and then my black color panty he removed his trouser and underwear too.. then he showed me his 9 inch long dick i told him i cant take this much long and hard dick i cant but he promised mei will not fell plain his will only give me pleasure. Hmmm then he asked me to show my pussy ,he smelled my pussy i moaned ahhhhhh
ahhhhh he then put his tounge inside me oh he fuckdddddddd me with his tounge that was amazing oh i can tell you how i felt he sucked my pussy very nicely.he sucked all my cum. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. then he starts kising me on my lips and told me to suck my dick but i was to much exited and wants to take his dick first he told me when you sucked my dick first then i fuck you more harder and starts sucking i starts rubbing his dick with my hand oh that was rock hard amazing.then i start sucking his dick. oh that amazing mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm yumie. that was like chocolate rod mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm yumie.
i put it in my mouth and start pushing my head i tasted his pre cum that was salty. he starts pushing my head on his dick mmmmmmmmmm that was wild…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhthen he opened my legs and placed his dick on my pussy and told me its ready. i told him go baby. then he push it a hard ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhh then again ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the last one ufffffffffffffffffffffffff ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my legs are shivering ohhhhhhh he put his lips on me and start kissing me ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhthen after some time he starts his work and pushing it forward and backward ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a feeling i was feeling like in heaven…. ahhhhhhhhhh he fucked me for half hour then he wanted to do other positon i said lets go in washroom he said ok.we went to washroom and i started rybbing his dick for 10 mins then he asked me to sit on floor and he came on me and spreaded my legs and insterted his dick inside me and started moving to-forth.oh i felt like his dick was making his way in my pussy.
i felt like closing my eyes letting this go on for ever.then after 10-15 min he said u come on me now.i sat on his dick veryslowly taking all inside and then waited for 2 min to get my self cam mean while he was pressing my boobs and asking to move up and down i said wait it hurts then i started moving very slowly for 10 min.later i felt like increasing speed and i was moving very fast he started making noises.slow baby slow.i said u told me do it.we both laughed and hugged each other.With 1 hour of love making in washroom we went to bedroom again and sat for 10 mins and had some water and started kissing again this time we both were exicted he asked to be in doggy style i said ok.he insterted hi dick from behind with some oil in it and started thrusting like hell.for half hour continuously ohhhhh ahhhhh i was shouting and asking him to slow down but he said he want to ejaculate and so contnued and after some 10 strong push i side me he came inside and then he lay down on me and kissing my lips………. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
what a amazing performance he did ….. i never forget my first sex…. i have no words that was amazing……

Agony Aunty - Innocence to Excellence - Final Part - Hindi Sex Story

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Next day, I went their home bringing Veet with me. Rahul and Darshna were studying. Vandna was seated in room. I gave her cream. She said thanks and smiled. I just returned back home.
In night, she called me to her home. As i went there,children were already slept. She called me in room and said me that u hadnt explained me the procedure to use Veet. I explained her its use. She told me that 'As u know it perfectly, u just seat till I do it'. That was again my DAY. I said ok. She brought a water bucket from bathroom and putted on floor. Then on my surprice, she pulled her petticoat up. Oh, she was again got stark naked for me. She seated on floor and I was on bed. She widened her Legs apart and taken lots of Veet and spreaded on her hairy vagina. Then she has to wait for sometime, so she without any hesitation started talking with me.
After about 10 mins, I said her to use Spoon to remove hairs. She started and All hairs are coming out. Soon, all her hairs removed. She got shocked and very much happy that just jumped in room. She never had seen her own vagina without hairs. She was constantly spreading hands on her vagina to look her from all angles. She thanked me a lot. And about me ?? I was amazed to see her used cunt. As it was never being shaved, it was creamy wheatish in colour and not Black. Saliva was protruding from my mouth. I lost my sense,when suddenly she asked me whether she can use it in her Armpits. I replied, yes. She stretched her blouse arms above to expose her hairy pItts full of black hair. She removed them also. I was now in dier need of masturbation so reluctantly came home and masturbated a lot.
Now, i have decided that I want to fuck her anyhow !! Hook or Crooked. So i made a plan. First of all, I wanted to make her sex starved so that she can take an initiative. I was not much clear about her intentions because she might be taken me as a doctor only and so only she was much open with me about her private things. So to know her intentions, I decided to show her my manhood.
One day, mom was out and she told Vandna to feed me and wash my clothes. As she came home, I said that first u wash clothes then prepare lunch. I gave her all clothes and she went to bathroom. I removed my undie too and wrapped Lungee. And then went at her, and passed comment that pls wash this thing also which is banned in your home. She smiled and taken my undie to wash. I seated on chair reading newspaper. My intension to show her my Cock. It wash shaved with Black coloured and pink headed. As she came out of bathroom,she must have noticed my cock as it was full erected and hanging by side. She said nothing and went to kitchen.
Now second step of my plan started. As she was in kitchen, I started BP on my Lappy on bed and started rubbing my cock. After sometime,she came inside. I behaved like i seen nothing and playing with cock. She coughed and I stopped. She told that lunch is ready. I said ok and without stopping BP came to kitchen. She came after sometime. So she must had seen the BP. My plan succeeded. Now during eating, I intentionally fell my cell below dining table. I said her that whether she can bring it back ? She bended and must have seen my huge erected cock which was oozing precum already. We completed lunch. She done all work and went back. It was done for me. She was a horny woman and She aroused by my acts that is proved. If she is missing sex in life and enthusiastic to do something than she will give me any signal anytime.
Now I was waiting for something to happen. On same day,in night she called me at her home. She reluctantly asked me that what i was seeing on Lappy ? I said that BP. She told that its dirty n she never seen such in her lifetime. I said that, Its not dirty. Its very usual and everyone does it in their life. I asked her whether she wanna see it ? She felt shy and not said anything. I got the signal and brought my Lappy from home. I gave it to her with BP DVD. It was a constant 12 hour porn movies. I explained her procedure of Laptop and went back home. My plan was working successfully. But I had to be very careful. My one wrong step could ruin everything and spoil my impression. The next day, in evening I went at her home to take my Lappy back, She was sleeping. Rahul said that Mummy was doing some work in night so she not slept whole night and so sleeping at this time. Oh Ghosh, this means that she has seen almost whole DVD. I came back home again.
In night she again, called me saying that she wants massage on her Knees and Legs. I went at her home with SWD machine. It was about 11:30 pm and children already slept. She smiled at me and i Seated on bed. I said that may i start ? She said, Ok. She then slept on bed pulling her Petticoat above Knee and said me to start. I started Massage. She just closed her eyes. I had done massage of both knees. Then she suddenly pulled her Petticoat till waist and Told me to massage her thighs also. She was absolute nude below her waist. I started perspirating. I anyhow done it seeing her Pussy constantly. As she had not spreaded her legs, i can see only a front portion of a MILF Pussy. Then she told me to massage her both arms. To my surprise,she opened the blouse buttons and lied on her tummy. Her Nude Big ASS is still open facing a cold breeze of Air. Her boobs r crushing on bed. A Dual treat 4 me. Boobs Not much visible to me, but they were giving me best side views. I started the massage of her hands. After sometime, I called her whether It was ok ? She didnt replied. I think she had already slept. I thought to go back home but I was in mood to fuck her today so I just removed Tshirt and Undie and wore just Bermuda and slept beside her.
Then I thought that as she was Nude below the waist than y i cant ?? I again wore my Tshirt and removed bermuda. Now we both were in same position -Absolutely Nude below the waist. I was not going to sleep today. I switched offed the light. I closed the door so that children wont come inside. After about hour, she was snoring and she changed her position and slept straight, dont know when she hooked her blouse back. She spreaded her legs to some extent(not fully). Oh ghosh, what a vagina that was !! Absolute creamy, so how it will look when she spreads her Legs full apart ??? Soon I putted my one leg on her legs as pretending in deep sleep. My intention was to wake her up. She suddenly wake up and seen me. My cock was standing and touching her Tummy. She blushed seeing this. It was about 3 am. Then she hold my Cock and slowly started rubbing it taking care that I wont awake. She was thinking that I m sleeping.
After sometime,she changed her position and came upside down (her head is at my legs and Legs at my head) as if she wants to observe my cock closely. She came close and try to see my cock. Then she slowly licked the Tip. Oh as if she was following the porn movies. I think she was doing it first time in Life. As she was licking the Tip, i lightly pushed forward my butts so suddenly half of my cock went inside her mouth. To my surprise,she doesnt resist and slowly taken my cock inside her mouth with slow sucking.
Suddenly I coughed. She thought that I got up. She closed her eyes keeping my cock in her mouth only. I also not opened my eyes. I didnt wanted to disturb her. I pretend that i m in sleep only and In sleeps, hold her Butts and pulled her pussy towards my mouth. She got relaxed. She putted her pussy at my mouth. I started licking her pussy from Top only though I was not getting a clear view of her Pussy. She again started sucking my cock slowly. All these was going on very slowly. She was not in mood to leave me, but i was going to cum now. Lastly,i came all the way in her mouth. And to my surprise she didnt reacted,seems that she drank everything just like porn movies. What a change in just one day after seeing the BP ??? I was totally exhausted and and dont know when I slept. Me was a real a Stupid person !!! In morning, when i got up, Vandna had already got up and she was in Bathroom. I hesitantly wore my clothes and came back. At my home, I really blamed myself for my sleeping. It could happen everything if I had not slept.
On same day, I phoned her and said her to make lunch for me also. I gone there for lunch in afternoon. Rahul was not there n only Darshna was there. We seated for lunch on Table. Vandna was making Rotis. I gone there wrapping a Lungi without Undies. Now I was desperate for something. Vandna asked me whether I would eat Roti with Ghee ?? I said yes and asked why ?? Darshna replied that Mummy not eats Ghee Rotis. I said that your mummy has also now started Ghee to eat. That Poor gal not understood anything !!! Meanwhile, Vandna also joined us for Lunch. I said Vandna has to eat Ghee on Rotis. She reluctant.
Meanwhile I was masturbating below the Table in a bowel. As my Cum out, I taken the bowel out and with Spoon poured it on Vandna's Roti. She understood it and smiled. She refused to eat it. But I and Darshna forced her much that She started eating it (Darshna was thinking that It was ghee only). Without any hesitation Vandna started eating it. She eated 2 rotis drenched fully with my Cum without any hesitation. And after completion, said that she really Liked the Ghee. I winked at her,she blushed and gone for house works. I came back. My work has done. Now only fucking is left which I could do at anytime coz Vandna was now in full control of mine.
That night, I went to sleep at her home lately. It was 11:30 pm. I removed all my clothes, wrapped Lungi and went there. As I rang the Bell, she opened the door. She was in nighty. We went inside. As I entered the Bedroom, I shamelessly removes Lungi and became stark naked and seated on Bed. She just smiled at me and said me Besharam !! She made the light dim and took off the Nighty from above head. She also gone absolutely Nude in front of me. Her boobs are giant huge with about 2 inch big dark black areolas with nipples. She also came on bed. As I was going touch her, she stopped me and said we ll do in midnight. I said, I will sleep. She said, I wont allow u, dnt worry. She said me to hold her from behind and sleep. She wanted to feel my cock on her Ass and sleep.i did same. Oh what a feel that was !! A bigg classy MILFY Ass was a companion of my young cock. I putted my cock in her Ass Cleft and got a heavenly feel. Soon we slept.
At about 2 am, I suddenly got up. What I saw ?? she was in 69 position offering her Pussy on my face and sucking my Cock heavily. As I got up, she said me that She also wants Same pleasure n asked me to lick her Pussy. I tried but as she was not much caring about her hygiene, her pussy was smelling like urine and her Ass Crack was also full of Hairs so soon i stopped. She asked wat happen? I said the reason. She stood up and went to bathroom. Oh, she walked absolutely Nude in her home all the way to bathroom though kids r there in home. She came after washing her Pussy and also brought Cadburry Dairymilk from fridge n gave me.
She said, I can try it for taste change. I took it and putted her on bed. I said that I like to suck her if she lie on bed with Her legs wide apart. She done it. Oh ghosh, wat a pussy she has !! A pure mature MilF like Bigg vagina which was shining (she may have removed hairs on same day), creamy in colour, both Labia were protruding out (Sign of Good Fucking in Past) and clitoris was also swollen. I putted chocolate everywhere on her vagina and slowly started licking it. She shouted in moan. Her husband had never done this for her. Soon I also started enjoying as Chocolated mixed Pussy juices are also making me mad. Her Pussy was literally Oozing Juices like a Urine flow. I vigorously started sucking, licking and literally eating her Pussy from all angles. She was jumping but i had caught her both Bumms to fix pussy on my face so I continued. After about half hour, she relaxed and shivered a lot.
Then I left her. She said that she wanted to suck my cock. I said No, as I want a fuck now. I putted her in Missionary position and Putted cock on vaginal cleft. As it was a Spacy vagina, my cock slipped inside. It was really a Big vagina. My cock was not fitted inside and still there was lots of space inside which I could feel. But I liked it as In such vagina, u can fuck 4 a long time without getting discharge your cum. I started Master strokes. She was not saying anything. She was just in her 7th heaven due to pleasure. I caught both her Booobs and fasten my strokes. Then I thought to change the position so I came down and she came on me. Slooopppp . . . My cock went straight away inside.
Then I started strokes from below. She was very very wet. Her vagina was became so slippery due to cunt juices that puchh puchh sounds were echoing in room due to our fuck. After about 15 mins, I was going to Cum. She said me to cum inside her only. I did same. She just fell on me and Lied. I was also tottaly exhausted. After sometime,she got separated. My whole pubic area, my Ass and bedsheet below me re drenched with her sticky vaginal juices. She was looking a damn satisfied. She looked at me and Just said Thanks as this was the best sexual experience of her Life. We both slept. After about one hour, she again tried to arouse me, but I was much tired so she started sucking my cock and drank my cum for her satisfaction. She slept on me after holding my cock tight. In morning, we both got separated. I came home.
After that We fucked almost everyday till her husband came. After some yrs of our great fucking, it was a departure time for them. Their both kids had completed studies and they went back. I and she were a bit sad but happy too having such a wonderful experiences with each-other. Now also she calls me many times at her home, but I m not getting time to go. If i will go,than I will definitely share another hot experience here. Till then, ThanKs a Lot ||||

When Love Meets Destiny - Hindi Sex Story

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This real life story is dedicated to all Saluting cocks & Hungry pussies.
Here comes the Passionate Lover with a new story altogether. Just to give you a short intro, I am Neeraj presently in Hyderabad, working in an MNC. I love Passionate Love Making & hopefully searching for someone matching my needs. do contact me at :
To start with the story, this happened when I was about to buy a new Sim Card.So I E-mailed the customer care expressing my interest in buying a new vodafone postpaid sim card. After 2 days I got a call from vodafone & Luckily a girl named Ruchika was on the other side. She introduced her & then explained me the plans, i choosed one quickly & told him to send the representative to collect the money.
Till that time I have not thought of anything for this girl .
The Vodafone representative arrived on the same day & I handed over the money to him, enquiring about the time period for getting the Sim Card. He left saying me that within next 2 days. But I was a bit worried cox I haven't got any bill for the payment. So I called ruchika on the no. From where I recieved the call, she told me that You will get the sim card by courier. On insisting to much as I was worried a lot she told me pls wait, let me check if I can do something for you & ended the call saying she'll call me later with details.
Saturday morning, a holiday for IT companies, at 9:30 I suddnely woke up to a call from ruchika asking me about my residence address , I enquired why as I have given the document proof at the time of payment. She insisted so I gave her the address & the call ended.
After 15 min ruchika called again & told me to come below the building I live in, I was awe struck what is happening , got down & saw a beautiful masterpiece, a cunning young girl in blue tshirt & black jeans holding something in her hand.
I enquired are you ruchika she nodded.
Then she handed the Sim Card to me saying there you go , I was in a suprise like what is happening, I asked her that you were going to sent a representative for this, she said yes, but as you are worried about your payment & genuinity of the details, I personally came to give you the simcard , otherwise it would take 2 days to deliver the same.
I thanked her for this & she left saying no issues that's our work.
After 5 min I messaged her enquiring did she came here just to give me the sim card, she told yes.
From further chat I came to know that her home is very far away from my residence & today she is on leave but came so far just to give me the Sim Card.
I apologised for the inconvinience caused due to me, she said pls don't say sorry it doesn't seem good. I kept on saying sorry as I was feeling bad for her to come so far just for this purpose.
We continued chatting after taking her permission to chat for some time . I enquired about where is she from & what else she do in studies bla bla bla
She told me she's a localide & working for internship. Day by day our talks increased gradually, & one day we both decided to meet below my office on next day.
I reached the decided place as I got her call that she reached. She had covered her face. I asked to uncover it & after 2-3 times of request she did it. She was unquestionably gorgeous & her figure as seen that time was upto the mark. We had normal talks but both of us are not finding the right thing to talk about as nothing was common between us. After 40 min she left & I continued my office work.
We chatted same way for 10-15 days & one day we both agreed to meet at my flat in office lunch time, as all roommates will be in office at that time & we can have a private place to spend some time. I reached home & called her to ask where is she, she said she's below the building , I Told her the building & flat no. To come in. In the next few minutes she's in my flat & to her surprise I had cooked her favorite vegetable as told by her to me. We started our lunch & in between I came to know that she lied that this was her favorite vegetable , I was a bit depressed by this, but as I saw that even then she's eating it happily as I made it specially for her I got normal.
After lunch we want to take some rest, so I called my manager saying I won't be able to come as I hve some private work. He said okay. Now both of us got on my bed & I slept in her lap for a few minutes.
We had a decent conversation on our past & present crushes , gf's etc. I came to know that she had a bf but he dumped her, I felt bad for her simultaneously I felt love for her in my heart. We have talked on various other topics & then she asked me for her leave so I told her that accompany her to her home to which she agreed.
We get in an auto to her home, on the way I got a strong urge to kiss her lips & kiss her forehead but I was afraid of the consequences of this so I left the idea. She kept on asking me continuously that why m I accompanying her to home, I told her i don't know, just want to spend some more time with you. To this she told that she will come again on some other day for more time period. I was happy to hear that , but also sad that she was going now. We reached her colony & she told me to leave her there only as if someone will see her with me that will cause a problem. I left her there & get back to my home then.
Our chatting & talking continued for next one week , in between I told her about my feelings in the auto rickshaw with her, that I wanted to kiss her that time, she expresssed awww don't do that.. Paagal Aisa mat karna…
On that day we decided to meet one again at my flat, this time I have taken a full day leave saying m sick & can't come to office. I was waiting for her in my bedroom & at last she came to my surprise she got a dish that she made for me, I was happy & tried to hug her slowly but I got only partial success in that.
We finished the lunch & continue to take rest , this time I told her to sleep in my lap & she had done so, I was moving my fingers between her hairs which was making her happy, feeling good & cared.
After some time She insisted me to take some rest. I get laid by her side but to my surprise she got up & sat beside me as I laid on the bed. I told her please lay by my side, on asking 2-3 times she laid with me. I kept the fan on max. Speed. Due to rainy season & the fan speed she felt cold & asked me to give something to cover up. I gave her the blanket , she asked me m I not feeling cold to which I replied yes but I don't have any other blanket. So She shared the blanket with me. Now both of us were in the same blanket my body was touching hers as the blanket was small & we need to cover up our whole body. We get some more closer.
I felt a awkward sensation in my nerves & suddenly my cock raised in size. I kept my hand on her forehead & told her that I want to kiss her , she said no. I insisted she said no.
Then I planted a kiss on her forehead to which she didn't said anything. Later i came to know that she wanted me to kiss her & make love to her but she felt shy. We both were now facing each other. Her lips are 1 inch away from mine. I hold her head from behind with my right hand, put my left hand on her waist & tried to touch her lips with mine. We both felt a electric current flowing down our body as our lips touched & her hard nipples were my chest. I can feel the sensation & she's also feeling the same.
Slowly slowly I moved my left hand to the upper side if her body & when I reached her boobs , her body shivered by the sudden touch of my hand over her boobs. She holded my tighter with her right hand clutching my tshirt from back As I pressed her left boob & kissing her lips passionately, she told me not to do this, & she will not meet me again if I continue. I was not in a position to back up, so I continued, I placed my left hand finger on her lips & lowered her t-shirt from neck to get a view of her firm boobs, I was feeling very much erotic & aroused that time, I started kissing her boobs & simultaneously placed her right hand in my shorts, my cock was very hard & the precum was also coming , I placed her hand on my cock & lowered her t-shirt more to get the boobs out, awwwwwww mannn I haven't seen such pair of boobs in my part life, milky white with pink nipples , firm, soft & perfect round in shape.
I pressed both of them & took both nipples in my mouth at the same time, I felt that she's pressing my cock very hard, I unzipped my shorts & lowered the underwear to make it easy for her to take care of my penis. I was kissing her passionately on her lips & trying to get my hands down to her private part, where she had kept her left hand so that I cannot unbutton her jeans , so I thought to arouse her some more, & I pressed her hand that is pressing my cock & circled my finger over her nipples firmly , her nipples got hard when I done this & some excitement I have seen in her, he got aroused & use her left hand to open my shirt buttons one by one, simultaneously I used this time to unbutton her jeans & unzipping it, She was now helping me to get rid of her Jeans & t-shirt so as me.
Now both of us are fully naked except the maroon calvin klein panty on her body, again I kissed her lips pressing her boobs & touching my penis onto her vagina over her panty. She holded my cock & placed it in between her thighs, but I cannot enter as she was wearing panty.
I got up & turned her upside down & lowered her panty moving it through her fleshy milky white legs to get a view of the heavenly vagina, now I was about to kiss her vagina when suddenly she pulled me down & kissed me all over my body, I haven't thought that this shy girl would act like this, but I loved what was going on , & I continued to place my finger on her vagina & tried to insert one finger inside her vagina, she kept stroking my cock with full speed, I want her to suck it but she disagreed, on insisting she kissed my penis & I forcefully inserted my full cock in her mouth as I was not able to control.
I kept on fingering her vagina so she was aroused a lot & kept on sucking my cock , I slowly kissed on her lips & then her boobs & then lowered my self to her vaginal lips & changed my position to 69, we both started sucking each others private parts & stimulating them by ou tounges, after 5 min of sucking she get laid on the bed below me & seperated her milky white leg as wide as she can, & invited me to come inside her, I hold her boobs planted my lips on hers & placed the tip of my penis on the wall of his vagina, both of us were shivering very much, she placed her hands on my back & cluched me tightly, then she placed her hand on my hips & hold them hard toward herself so that I can enter her vagina, a sudden push on 1. 2. 3. & we both were in heaven enjoying the best ever feeling in the world, she felt some pain in her vagina but my passionate kisses on her lips & pressing her boobs are making her go mad, I kept on thrusting in her vagina & she helped me , after sometime I cummed into her vagina & we slept as it is for 10 min holding each other tightly. & kissing all over the face & boobs ….
She's is transferred to a different city now, & m in Hyderabad . M missing her & the love she gave me. Do mail me if you want to have passionate love making with me.i